Triple L Ranch Testimonials

"Triple L was a great place for me and my horse. He is a senior citizen and requires a little extra attention, and I never had to worry that he wasn't getting it. Tina always let me know immediately if anything wasn't right with him, and he got any extra care that he needed. The farm has a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse, friendly group of boarders. Best of all it is a beautiful place to ride. Highly recommended!"

- Heather



"My daughter and I have boarded our horses at Triple L for 3 years now, and quite frankly, I would not have them anywhere else! The personal, hands-on care the Barn Manager, Tina Lee, gives would be very hard to find elsewhere. She keeps a close eye on "our boys" for injury or illness and she is always available to discuss any concerns as they arise. We love that she watches the weather closely and were thrilled in 2010 when the barn was high and dry during Nashville's epic flood. Best of all, Tina just loves horses! Her husband, Steven, does a great job of safely maintaining the grasses in the paddocks and Triple L hay is plentiful and healthful. What a great family barn!"


"I can only say that from the first day I moved my horse to Triple L, 8 years ago, I still get that wonderful feeling of well taken care of horses and property. The barn is always maintained at the peak of pride and the paddocks are properly rotated with the horse’s best health in mind. Riding in the ring, in the many fields or through the water on a hot day there is a relaxing feel throughout. Tina has that uncanny sense in taking care of horses that is seldom seen even in qualified horse folks. Recommending Triple L and the owners, Tina and Steven, is a pleasure for me now and in the years to come."

- Chuck

PS: This was the easiest recommendation ever. Stop being so good to TZ. I can't believe he looks so good at his age, it can only be you!


“I have boarded my quarter horse gelding with Tina Lee at Triple L Ranch since they opened in August of 2005! I am more than completely satisfied with my horse’s care. The Lee farm is clean, beautiful, and the pastures are well manicured. I will never board anywhere else!”

Triple L Ranch boarding franklin tn

Thank you,
- Charlotte


“I have been very happy with the care my horse has received while boarding at LLL Ranch. I have to move my horse to a barn that fits my location needs better. I will certainly come back if we ever move closer to Franklin!”

Thank you very much,
- Petra


"Tina Lee at went above and beyond to take care of my trail horse, Rusty, during his time at Triple L. I never thought twice about leaving him in the hands of Triple L when I travled for business: he was well cared for and happy there. The facilities are beautiful, clean, and well-maintained and the crew at Triple L is caring, knowledgeable, and attentive. Routine check ups with the farrier and vet were timely and well-scheduled and Tina made it easy and stress-free for me to keep Rusty in the best condition. The best boarding experience I have ever had was at Triple L. "

Triple L Ranch boarding franklin tn

- Amanda


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