Triple L Ranch Stable Vet Services!

Stable Vet in Franklin TN Horse Care

Our stable vet is Dr. Monty McInturff of TN Equine Hospital. As Managing Owner of the TN Equine Hospital, he is active in practice management and strengthening equine business in our community. He’s been with the practice since 1991. TN Equine is a full service facility offering advanced surgical, medical and nuclear imaging services to horses. Not only is Dr. Monty a fabulous vet, but he’s also a friend of the Triple L Ranch family. He can be reached by calling 615-591-1232 or by clicking here to be linked to his website.

Triple L Ranch Franklin TN Stable Farrier

We currently have 3 farriers servicing our stable - Jay Morris, John Schmidt & Jeff Frantz. These guys are reliable, committed to their jobs and take pride in their work. Each of them take the time to get to know the horse and the client’s needs.


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