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Horse back riding lessons in TN

Lucy Hatcher – An alternative to traditional training and lessons.  Over 10 years ago, after adopting a mustang, I was looking for a better way, a safer way to start my colt.  I had been riding colts for a traditional trainer for some time but felt I needed more information.  I discovered natural horsemanship and it really spoke to me.  It’s about connecting with the horse.  Reading the behavior and acting in a non-threatening way that doesn’t bring out the prey instincts.  In short, learning to speak horse!  I can help you with a horse that you are afraid of or is afraid of you, correct issues with trailer loading, build performance and confidence, have better balance while riding, teaching your horse to stand still for mounting, de-spooking and so much more.  Simply, I can help you establish a better relationship with your horse and have fun!


Horse training in TN

Molly Morrison – I have been riding and showing in many different disciplines for most of my life. I continue to go back to the principles and fundamentals I learned from a young age when I was exposed to dressage, even as I jumped and rode reining and cow horses. In college, I rode for Oklahoma State University’s NCAA reining team and then transferred to Ole Miss where I began to really explore and study dressage more thoroughly. While learning about the fundamentals of riding, I found how complementary ground work and good horsemanship is to developing both horse and rider, while creating a deeper connection between the two. In addition, I became a certified Classical Pilates teacher in order to better understand how to strengthen and straighten my body for riding, so I can teach my students to be connected to their horse while riding. I stride to teach riders and horsemen how to get their body and their horse’s body to work together on the ground and in the saddle, in a relaxed and force- free way.


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