Horse Training Services in Franklin, TN!

Horse training in TN

Molly Morrison – I have been riding and showing in many different disciplines for most of my life. I continue to go back to the principles and fundamentals I learned from a young age when I was exposed to dressage, even as I jumped and rode reining and cow horses. In college, I rode for Oklahoma State University’s NCAA reining team and then transferred to Ole Miss where I began to really explore and study dressage more thoroughly. While learning about the fundamentals of riding, I found how complementary ground work and good horsemanship is to developing both horse and rider, while creating a deeper connection between the two. In addition, I became a certified Classical Pilates teacher in order to better understand how to strengthen and straighten my body for riding, so I can teach my students to be connected to their horse while riding. I stride to teach riders and horsemen how to get their body and their horse’s body to work together on the ground and in the saddle, in a relaxed and force- free way.


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