Horse Boarding in Franklin, TN !

Horse Boarding in Franklin, TN

Triple L Ranch Stables is a full board facility. New horses are carefully integrated and monitored until properly settled. Stalled horses have daily turnout, rotating with the seasons (up for the day during the hot summer months and up at night during the cold winter months). If you have a horse that requires more turnout time, but want to rent a stall, we will work with you to personalize a schedule that suits your horse’s needs.

Pastures are located directly across from barn for visual daily monitoring and easy horse retrieval. 3 of the 8 pastures are occupied at one time and rotated every 2 weeks to allow grass year around. We also have a dry lot for horses with medical conditions. We fertilize, seed, and treat our pastures for weeds once a year, and lime when needed. During the winter months, we offer free-choice high quality hay (in hay rings). Our hay is grown right here on the farm! ALL pastures have a run-in shed, automatic “heated” (for winter months) waterer, salt and mineral block.

Horse boarders have access to a lighted 100 X 200 ft. riding arena with sand footing, jumps and barrels, as well as a round pen. Our lock secured tackroom is climate controlled, fully equipped with English and Western saddle racks, bathroom (w/warm water) and a refrigerator. Our lighted covered wash rack is supplied with “hot” and cold water.

Trailer parking available: - $20/month

Easy Care Horse Boarding - $275/month

Easy care horse boarding is for the “easy keeper” horse that doesn’t require daily care and attention. We wanted to offer a board package for those on a tight budget or want to be more “hands on” with their horse. Horse owner is responsible for care of the horse (such as handling horse for farrier & vet, feeding horse, blanketing, fly masking, fly spraying, etc.) Of course, if we notice vet attention is required, we will be hands on immediately! Note: We do not run mares and geldings in pastures together.

  • 8 acre pasture w/trees (nice source of shade) - Pasture is visible from barn and from Bedford Creek Road.
  • Free choice hay during winter months
  • Oversized automatic (freeze proof) waterer
  • Oversized run-in shed
  • Mineral & salt block

Stall Horse Boarding - $475/month:

  • 12 x 12 matted stall (shavings included)
  • Fan (mounted in stall)
  • Stall cleaning 7 days a week
  • Grain served twice/day, along with owner supplied supplements
  • Hay served once/day (as well as free choice hay in pasture during winter months)
  • Handling for farrier and vet
  • De-worming (de-wormer at owner’s expense)
  • Additional services available (see our “Menu of Services” posted at the barn)

Pasture Horse Boarding - $375/month:

  • Horses are checked and fed individually once/day
  • Free choice hay during winter months
  • Automatic (freeze proof) waterer
  • Run-in shed
  • Mineral & salt block
  • Handling for farrier and vet
  • De-worming (de-wormer at owner’s expense)
  • Additional services available (see our “Menu of Services” posted at the barn)


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